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We are a Toronto criminal law firm focused on domestic violence and sexual assault charges. 


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Meet Your Toronto Criminal Lawyer.

Shayan Shaffie is a relentless, strategic, results-driven Toronto criminal lawyer defending against all criminal charges in Ontario. His expertise is in defending domestic violence charges, sexual assault allegations, and complex drugs charges. 

A graduate of the University of Toronto Law School, Mr. Shaffie learned his trade from the top judges and criminal lawyers of his time. He worked for the Ministry of the Attorney General after graduating, and served as Crown counsel in Hamilton and Scarborough before establishing Shaffie Law.


Today, Mr. Shaffie fights for his clients with skill, intelligence, and a fearless commitment to getting the best result. Shaffie Law is proud of its track record of success, including its policy of client-centric service, flexible fees and a dedication to the highest professional standards. 


Mr. Shayan Shaffie, Barrister & Solicitor J.D., B.A. Hons., University of Toronto  

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We focus on domestic violence, sexual assault and major drug crimes.

Ontario Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic Assault

Assault with a Weapon

Assault Bodily Harm

Aggravated Assault

Mischief to Property

Uttering Threats

Criminal Harassment


Domestic violence charges are treated with a high degree of seriousness and conservatism by the Ontario criminal justice system. Seemingly trivial incidents can result in criminal charges with far-reaching consequences. Bail conditions can seem unduly harsh and, for first-offenders, the justice process can be both exhausting and intimidating.


An experienced Toronto criminal lawyer can help you make sense of the criminal justice system. More importantly, a domestic violence lawyer like Shayan Shaffie can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. This can include an outright withdrawal of your domestic charges, successfully negotiating a peace bond, or a full acquittal after trial. 


If you have been charged with domestic violence offences, speak to us today. In the meantime, check out our helpful videos on domestic violence charges in Ontario on YouTube. 

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault

Historical Sexual Assault

Sexual Interference

Human Trafficking

Living Off the Avails



Indecent Act

SOIRA Violations


The recent increase in attention paid to crimes of sexual violence (#metoo, #timesup) has translated into significant changes in how crimes of sexual violence are investigated, prosecuted and even proven in courts of law. Bill C-75, for example, has given complainants in sexual assault prosecutions standing to hire counsel and challenge the introduction of once presumptively admissible evidence - a fist in Canadian criminal law. 


The end result, by most criminal lawyers' experience, has been an increase in both the number of sexual assault charges laid by police, and the percentage of these cases resulting in a finding of guilt after trial. The consequences for those charged are dire: jail sentences, a criminal record, registry on a sex offenders list. The list goes on. 

Now more than ever, retaining an experienced sexual assault lawyer is essential to preserving your legal rights. Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie has defended dozens of clients charged with sexual offences - from sexual assault to human trafficking. In every case, Shayan has deployed a tactical and thorough approach in order to obtain the best possible result.

If you've been charged with a crime sexual violence, you cannot afford to leave your defence to chance. Call Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie for advice today. 


DUI Charges in Ontario

Learn More

Over 80

"80 or Over"

Impaired Driving

Refusing a Breath Sample

Care or Control Cases

Fatality Cases

Careless Driving

Driving While Prohibited

Driving While Suspended


Recent amendments to the Criminal Code have changed the ways in which drinking and drugged driving offences are investigated, prosecuted and proven. What remains, however, are the significant negative consequences which flow from a finding of guilt in respect of the vast majority of DUI or drugged driving offences.  


A driving prohibition, criminal record, significantly increased insurance premiums, mandatory MTO coursework, administrative and reinstatement fees, costs for interlock, the potential for incarceration and even adverse immigration consequences all flow from a first drinking or drugged-driving related conviction. It is with good reason, therefore, that Ontarians should think twice about the benefits of pleading guilty to a DUI-related offence without proper legal advice. 

Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie has a proven track record of successfully defending against drinking and drugged driving related charges. As with all DUI cases, Shayan will carefully review every shred of evidence and consider the events as you experienced them in order to create the most effective pathway for a defence. If you are facing an "80 or over", impaired driving, refusal to blow or other drinking and driving related offence, talk to criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie today. 

Bail Hearings & Bail Reviews

Bail Hearings

Bail Reviews

Bail Variations

Surety Substitutions

Surety Preparation

Bail marks a crucial early point in every criminal case. The failure to adequately prepare for a bail hearing could mean the issuance of a detention order lasting months or even years. In such cases, Canadians facing criminal charges lose an extremely powerful source of leverage in the prosecution process. Because they are already incarcerated, prosecutors grow disinclined to offer favourable resolution terms. The pressure to plead guilty grows, and the ability to work closely and freely with your defence lawyer shrinks.

Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie has conducted hundreds of bail hearings and dealt with thousands of bail matters. Over time he has acquired an exceptional ability to identify the unique risk-related issues present in every bail case, and to confidently determine the best possible release plan with the tools and personnel available. As with every bail case, Shayan Shaffie will take the time to review the case, identify the central issues, and prepare his sureties for the court process. 

If you or someone you know requires assistance with a bail matter, call Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie today. 

Drug Charges 

Learn More

Drug Trafficking

Drug Importing

Drug Production

Drug Possession

Marijuana Dispensarise

Vehicle Stops 

"Project" Cases

Wiretap Cases

Search Cases


The Canadian opioid crisis has fundamentally reshaped the face of addiction and the commercial drug trade in Ontario. Thousands suffer in silence as powerful synthetic drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil replace, or are combined with, traditional street drugs. For those caught trafficking in these powerful new synthetics, the legal risks are higher than ever. Even small amounts of fentanyl could lead to a penitentiary sentence. 

Meanwhile, the regulation of Canada's new marijuana industry has created a space of both opportunity and confusion. Ontarians who invested heavily in the regime prior to the implementation of the sales regime feel understandably shortchanged and upset. Entrepreneurs looking to cash in operate in a grey market that is fraught with risk - usually without legal advice. The ones frequently left holding the bag are idealistic young adults - old enough to attract criminal records for trafficking, but not mature enough to understand how to navigate the justice system.

Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie has successfully defended against all types of criminal drug charges - from major project cases, to importing, to high-volume opioid trafficking. Shayan Shaffie is also skilled in assisting marijuana dispensaries or individuals arrested for marijuana-related offences.


If you or someone you know requires legal assistance in this area of criminal law, call criminal defence lawyer Shayan Shaffie today. 

Crimes of Violence

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Robbery with a Firearm


Assault with a Weapon

Assault Causing Bodily Harm

Aggravated Assault

Uttering Threats

Crimes of violence capture a broad range of circumstances, from bar-room brawls to robbery with a firearm, to homicide. Understandably, the range of possible legal outcomes, and the strategies required to obtain them, are broad. Experienced criminal defence lawyer Shayan Shaffie has vigorously defended against countless crimes of violence. 

In many cases, particularly those involving first-offenders, he has successfully resolved the charge by way of peace bond or outright withdrawal of the charge. In others, serving the interests of the client has required nothing less than an aggressive and unrelenting litigation strategy. 

If you are charged with a crime of violence - including robbery, any form of assault, uttering threats or homicide - call Shayan Shaffie today for reliable advice on how best to protect your legal interests and navigate the criminal justice system. 

Lawsuits Against the Police

Learn More

Small Claims

Major Claims

Charter Violations

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants everyone in Canada a set of constitutional rights, including the right to privacy and the right to be free from unlawful detention and arrest. These Charter-protected interests should be the forefront of every police officer's mind when they investigate crime. 

Unfortunately, a significant proportion of police interactions involve the violation of Ontarian's rights. Many of these violations never result in a criminal charge, but are still the proper basis for a lawsuit. For example, a police officer may detain a racialized "suspect" against whom there was no reliable evidence of criminal conduct; or they may illegally search a vehicle or a home without a warrant. In such cases, an experienced criminal lawyer may deem that a lawsuit is appropriate and damages recoverable. 

Even where charges have been laid and a prosecution has followed, the findings of a court can result in a successful claim for civil damages. And with good reason. Criminal charges exact a mental and financial toll on those who are charged. Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie believes that, where a client's rights have been trampled, exacting a toll in return is only fair. 

If you have been treated harshly by the police, or if you were involved in a criminal case where the police were found to have violated your Charter rights, contact criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie today to discuss your legal options. 

Breach of Court Orders

Learn More

Conditional Sentence Order Violations

Breach of Recognizance

Breach of Probation

Failures to Appear


There is an increased recognition that administrative offences play an outsize role in clogging the Canadian criminal justice system. Despite this, little has been done to stem the massive number of "breach" charges which continue to be laid by police and parole services against Ontarians. Some of these - like violations of Conditional Sentence Orders - often carry merit and the potential for stiff penalties. That is because they form part an active sentence or penalty handed down by a judge. Others, like failures to report for probation, or the failure to attend for fingerprinting, simply have no place in the criminal courts.

Despite their benign appearance, administrative offences ​can still carry serious negative consequences. They can, and often do result in criminal records, or the loss of bargaining leverage in ongoing cases where a positive outcome was originally much more likely.

If you or someone you know has been charged with an administrative offence, contact Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie for proper legal advice today. 

Property Offences

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Break & Enter (Dwelling)

Break & Enter (Business)

Possession of Break-In Instruments


Theft Over $5,000

Theft Under $5,000

Possession of Counterfeit Marks

Identity Theft 

Property offences can range from the trivial to the extremely serious. First-offenders facing shoplifting charges, for example, would do well to hire an experienced Toronto criminal lawyer to represent them. Such charges can frequently resolve by way of a withdrawal of the charge after implementing the appropriate strategy.


On the other end of the spectrum, Ontarians facing charges of robbery or breaking and entering often  face very serious jeopardy, especially if the site of the latter involves residence. It is not uncommon for such offences to carry penitentiary terms. 

In short, more serious property offences can and often do result in a criminal record, stiff penal consequences, and ancillary court orders such as "DNA", weapons prohibitions and lengthy probation orders. For those who lack citizenship in the country, many of these offences will also trigger removal proceedings.

If you are facing a property offence, whether trivial or serious, strongly consider hiring an experienced Toronto criminal lawyer to represent you. Shayan Shaffie has successfully defended against dozens of these cases, and has an exceptional track record of success.

Young Offenders 




Sexual Assault

Weapons Offences

Bail Violations

Breach of Disposition

Breach of Probation


The Youth Criminal Justice Act places an appropriate emphasis on the rehabilitation and re-integration of young offenders into Canadian society. This aspirational goal is the result of recognizing the diminished maturity, and therefore moral culpability, of persons under the age of 18.


Although the Youth Criminal Justice Act places strict limits on the ways in which young persons can be investigated and prosecuted for criminal conduct, youth charges remain extremely serious and should be treated as such.


Without the proper supports and legal guidance, relatively simple cases often spiral into recurring charges - most often due to strict bail conditions, an undiagnosed mental health issue, or a combination of the two. In time, attitudinal changes on the part of the young person toward the justice system increase the likelihood of re-offence after the age of 18. In the result, what was once a temporary youth record can transform into a permanent criminal file that haunts the adult. 

Young offenders deserve the same intelligent, full-throated defence as any adult. An experienced Toronto criminal lawyer will not only maximize the unique legal advantages afforded to youths by the Youth Criminal Justice Act, but will also work closely with parents or parenting agencies to connect the young person with appropriate community supports. Only by addressing the root cause of the offending behaviour, while implementing a successful court strategy, can the young person and their family feel confident that they are on track to obtaining the best and most durable outcome.

Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie has represented countless young offenders at all stages of the criminal justice process. He has achieved exceptional results by empowering his youth clients and informing their parents of the legal pathway ahead. If your child is facing charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, call Shayan Shaffie today. 

Advice for Victims of Domestic Violence

Learn More

Summary Advice

Representation in Court


The Canadian criminal justice system does not do enough to empower and inform complainants in criminal cases. Once an accused person has been arrested, complainants often feel powerless to control the process, and voiceless in being heard. 

Shayan Shaffie has represented dozens of complainants in domestic violence cases, including serious matters. He has advocated for their interests and advised them of their rights in cases ranging from low-level domestic assault to crimes of sexual violence.

If you are a complainant in a domestic violence case and require legal advice, talk to Toronto criminal lawyer Shayan Shaffie today. 

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